Chitrapat Handmade Watercolour Paper Block

Watercolours are one of the mediums that are lively and dynamic. Here the paints, that are made up of colour pigments are suspended in the water based solution, and are applied to the surface medium. The way the water colours are being used, can determine the different forms or textures of these colours that can be obtained. Here, the surface plays a major role in the application of different watercolours. There are different types of papers, that are available in the market and are being used for watercolour paintings. One of the most important types of paper that we sell at our art store is our chitrapat handmade paper. 

Chitrapat papers are handmade sets of sheets that are one of the best mediums for watercolour paintings and expressions. Milind Mulick, one of the best and excellent artists of India has been quoted as saying “These watercolour papers are of excellent quality and yield the same visuals as the watercolour paintings done in Archies handmade papers. They have high absorption, are hard sized and do not degrade the colour pigments or allow them to spread over the surface. These are also pocket friendly compared to the Archies handmade papers or other costlier products, giving us similar results.The colours remain bright, intact and does not fade away from the surface.” The Chitrapat paper finds its use in not just watercolour paintings, but also in acrylic and poster colour paintings. The Other media that can be used on this paper are pen and ink, and charcoal.

Specifications :

A paper block, containing 25 white sheets
Handmade, 100% cotton and acid free
Available in A3 and half imperial (15×22”) sizes
270 GSM & 440 GSM thickness
Textures available : Rough and Matte

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