Hobby Art Workshops

Follow your passion, follow your heart.

Art is a privilege that all of us here have. It is a medium of communication or form of expressing our deeper thoughts and feelings, which words cannot explain. While few of us do it for relaxation and well being, few others are passionate about art and follow it regularly. We all pursue it in different ways and for different outcomes. At ColorIn Studio, we get you in touch with the latest art forms along with imparting knowledge on traditional arts and crafts. Our sessions are handled by expertise art mentors and experienced craftsmen from the industry that will make your hobby sessions more exciting and lively.

Creative Hobby Art Workshops

The Creative art workshops conducted at ColorIn Studio are formulated in a way that helps beginners and artists learn more about the pre-existing as well as new artforms and techniques that are coming up in today’s era.

Traditional Art Workshops

Demonstration classes handled by experts along with a brief history of the artforms, and practice sessions are provided for individuals to keep the old and already existing artforms alive and interesting.

Art & Craft Workshops

Arts and crafts workshops are application based arts and includes a variety of forms such as paper crafts, pottery, jewelry making, handicrafts and other forms of crafts specially taught by artisans following them.

frequently asked questions

Who can take part in the workshops?

Hobby Art Workshops is for People from all walkways of life and professions, all ages, and different places, countries. Participants can be business people, artists of all kinds, homemakers, students of any discipline. But we do provide some workshops only for adults of all levels.

Who teaches the creative/traditional/craft workshops?

Our sessions are handled by expertise art mentors and experienced craftsmen from the industry that will make your hobby sessions more exciting and vital.

Do I need to draw and paint well for attending the workshop?

No, not at all. The intention of the workshop are to be creative and explore the mediums and to learn and pull through the traditional art forms and to express your deep inner thoughts. You don’t need to master the techniques of drawing and paintings to attend the workshop. At that point, no group critiques. The emphasis is entirely about the pleasure of self-expression.

How much does the workshop cost?

This depends on the duration, and type of the workshop we announce. Each workshop will announce the subject of the workshop, the materials availability, and the price of the workshop.

What are the different workshops will you conduct?

We have creative new media experimental workshops, traditional art forms of different places like chittara, kalamkari, madhubani, warli, miniature, tanjore, gond, patachitra , kinnala, mysore painting, miniature, kerala murals etc., craft workshops like jewelry making, paper crafts, pottery, handicrafts etc.

Do I get any certificates of completion?

Yes, we offer certificates upon request at the conclusion of the shop.

Upcoming Workshop

No Upcoming Workshops.

Want To Know More?

Talk to our creative specialist with your requirement or even we can fix up an appointment and talk the artistic possibilities.

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