Hues of Watercolor 7th Edition Watercolor Workshop and exhibition by Sadhu Aliyur

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Hues of Watrcolor 7th edition was watercolor painting exhibition and workshop by Shri. Sadhu Aliyur, which was beautifully rocked in the pearl city Hyderabad.

Paint is basically colored mud mixed with some sort of binder. In watercolor painting, color pigments are blending with some quantity to create the mood of the painting. It feels basic but that chemistry is complex.

But, in the Hues of watercolor 7 exhibition and workshop of Watercolor painting in Hyderabad made it easier for participants to understand that chemistry!

Along with the workshop, artist Sadhu Aliyur had exhibited his 30+ paintings in the gallery of international art section of State Gallery of Fine Arts Madhapur, Hyderabad Telangana.

All of his paintings had that unique transparent style of traditional watercolor painting. Visitor and participants were amazed looking at the paintings being exhibited. They said, it was a huge inspiration for them to see the artist and his paintings live.

Walking in, looking at the very first painting, one could easily well see the liberal use of violet color in the painting. The same was demonstrated to show how this can be done and done handily during the watercolor painting workshop which was being conducted in the same area for pre-registered participants.

Sadhu Aliyur was teaching the perfect way to learn the skills necessary to paint in watercolor. He took the participants through the basics ranging from what materials to buy to how to use them, to more advanced tips and techniques.

Day 1:

The Hues of watercolor 7th edition – Exhibition and workshop of watercolor painting was inaugurated by Sadhu Aliyur at State art gallery Hyderabad.

Watercolor workshop started with a beautiful landscape demo to understand the use of color pigments, handling the brush with a simple watercolor wash to make beautiful landscapes

The workshop was designed, for those who have always wanted to learn to paint in Watercolors but have never had the time or the courage to try. This course has been perfected over a number of years and will give students a solid grounding from which to progress.

Day 2:

The workshop and exhibition area was endowed with spectacular and natural sculptures – Rocky formations attracted the artist and day 2 of HOW7 was started with the love plein air landscape demo which was beautifully rocked.

This Awe-inspiring demo helped to participants to give a try it in the same way, where our master was also helping them tune the paintings.

Including drawing perspective, color perspective, atmospheric perspective, composition theory, the freedom to play around with the colors, which the same was included in this painting exhibition.

Students even got to interact with the artist to solve their doubts of using colors and how composition and color saturation can be used to create depth in a painting and so on.

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