Story of Oil Colors – Oil Painting Workshop by S.Elayaraja

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Story of Oil Colors – Oil Painting Workshop by S.Elayaraja

Story of Oil Colors – The oil painting workshop series
Another art gesture from Coloring India Foundation

2day structured oil painting workshop for those who love oil colors.

Date: 29, 30 April 2017

Coloring India Foundation’s Story of Oil Colors will incorporate oil painting demonstrations and practices from great hyper realistic artist S.Elayaraja
About Artist:
S.Elayaraja is known for his oils and has embarked a renowned place in the world of art. He draws his inspiration from the land where he was brought up and portrays them onto his canvas with million microns of richness and vibrant colors. He mainly focuses on Tamil women, their culture, tradition and lifestyle and paints his observations with such finesse that people often misinterpret it as a lens captured photograph. S ilayaraja’s paintings are a blast of emotions and expressions revealing the story of each woman he paints. This realistic artist successfully brings out the essence of a peaceful village life soothing the eyes who has only witnessed the exhausting urbanization.

Read more about artist:

With this 2 day structured oil painting workshop ‘Story of Oil Color’, aspiring oil painter S Ilayaraja will take you on an art journey as he follow along with step-by-step demonstrations that feature a variety of techniques and a range of subject matter. The artist will be concentrating on dynamic still life and captivating human portraits.

Oil Painting step by step walks you through concepts and techniques including underpainting, composition, and special effects, assuring you a solid foundation in this wonderful art form.

This is a 2-day oil painting workshop will be apt for beginners – Intermediate oil painting enthusiasts. Lessons & exercises are designed to expand and improve skills on oil painting.

Take away from the workshops

  • Opportunity to learn the techniques
  • If you are a beginner this will be an awesome start with this great artist.
  • Learn how to paint Live
  • Have the hands on experience on oil painting
  • More over #InspireAnArtistinYou


    Limited Entries
    Alternatively, you can
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    2) Tweet: #ColoringIndiaFL
    3) Call: 76 76 006006


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